You know your Stuff.
We make Sure Others Know it, too.

Peapod Marketing & PR Consulting is a thought leadership agency that gives women entrepreneurs and leaders the tools they need to increase their credibility, share their expertise, and fine-tune their perspectives. 

thought Leadership Is a Strange Term, Isn't It?

Our take? It's about bringing something new to the conversation.

The audience you’re looking to attract with your words and ideas? They’re so ready for something different. 

In a sea of same, they’re looking for something that turns their head and makes them take notice. A perspective they can truly connect with. Let’s give it to them, shall we?

Need Some Help Amplifying Your Personal Brand?

Give peas a chance (we know, we know...bad pun) to write your content, strategize your social, manage your PR, tell your story, and connect the dots of your communications plan.

Thought Leadership Strategy

"Where do I need to show up to build community with my audience?" "How do I determine what I want to talk about?" "How do I create a system for consistent content?" We work through all these questions (and more!) with you, working together to determine the right plan of action for you.


You've got thoughts you want to share, but there's a lack of time and brain space. We get it. Let us take the pressure off by helping you combine your strong opinions, experience, knowledge and transparency into social media, emails, website copy, and other written assets that get noticedand get read.

Ongoing Support

The only thing tougher than bravely putting your perspective out into the world? The fact that you need to keep doing it in order to gain traction. Our monthly retainer packages ensure you always have a steady stream of relatable and educational content at the ready.

Let's Work Together

Or, maybe we start by talking about it first?

We approach all of our communications work from a place of exploration—and we pride ourselves on walking beside our clients and figuring it out together, rather than pulling you along for the ride. 


Think of us as an enthusiastic, endlessly transparent, and overly-communicative wing-people (the Goose to your Maverick). 

If we sound like people you’d want to have in our corner, dig into our services to learn about the work we’ve done for other clients!

Why Peapod?


We're endlessly curious.

Our favorite thing to say during calls is “Hey, you know how we think we could do that?” We love digging in and figuring out your business and what lights you up — and translating that into purposeful strategies words to share with the people who matter most to you.


We're great synthesizers.

We've had many a client say they work with us because they can throw a million little bits of information our way, and we can combine them in a way that’s crisp, clear, and thoughtful. Go on, throw us your most tangled thoughts. We'll straighten them out.


We're agile.

We move fast (within reason, of course!) and can deliver in weeks what might take a larger agency months to move forward. We also have a dance card full of people that are great at delivering what we can’t — design, websites, video, and more — and we keep ‘em close.


We're empathetic.

It's not just about what you think, it's how you make people feel. Our ability to understand how other people are feeling and being able to put ourselves in someone's shoes has been an incredible asset to our clients and the customers they want to reach.


We're always two steps ahead.

When you partner with us on a messaging framework, we're already thinking about how those words will translate to your website. If you hire us to write a blog series, we're usually daydreaming about all the nuggets you’ll be able to use for social media. We're equally focused on content distribution as we are on production, making sure your words and views get seen by the right audience on the platforms they use the most.


We're Thought Hunters.

When you're talking with us, we're always keeping our ears tuned for the stuff that challenges norms, the nuggets of goodness that your audience isn't hearing anything else. That's where the gold is.

Want to see Our Work?

Done. Head here to take a look at some of our favorite projects. 

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