Writer. Communications strategist. One-woman agency.

Storytelling, content creation, social media, and PR.

I consider all of these peas in a pod — and I’m here to make sure your strategies are nestled together tightly.

I’m Mel.

I help purpose-driven companies and individuals connect with their target audiences through written content and thoughtful distribution.

The short version: You’ve got goodness you can’t wait to share with the world. I make sure it sounds great — and get it to the people who didn’t know they were waiting for it.

Sound like something you’re looking for? Let’s chat.

Give peas a chance to...

Write your content. Strategize your social. Manage your PR. Tell your story.
Connect the dots.

When it comes to marketing and strategic communications these aren’t separate entities — they’re peas in a pod.

Content Writing

We assist B2B tech companies, nonprofits, and service-based organizations, helping them to tell their stories clearly, consistently, and with a healthy dose of empathy.

Thought Leadership

We help everyone from solopreneurs to high-profile leaders synthesize their perspectives and insights to share with a broader audience.

Social Media

Need someone to “take over” social entirely? Want a second pair of hands to ensure you’re creating and posting consistent and engaging content? We’ve got you covered.

Let's Work Together

Or, at least let’s start by talking about working together.

We approach marketing and communications from a place of exploration — and we pride ourselves on walking beside our clients and figuring it out together, rather than pulling you along for the ride. 

Think of us as an enthusiastic, endlessly transparent, and overly-communicative wingpeople.

If that sounds like someone you’d like to have in your corner, dig into our services for more on what we can do for you.

Why Peapod?


We're endlessly curious.

My favorite thing to say during calls is “Hey, you know how I think we could do that?” I love digging in and figuring out your business and what lights you up — and translating that into purposeful strategies words to share with the people who matter most to you.


We're great synthesizers.

I’ve had many a client — companies and individuals — say they work me because they can throw a million little bits of information my way, and I can combine them in a way that’s crisp, clear, and thoughtful.


We're agile.

I move fast (within reason, of course!) and can deliver in weeks what might take a larger agency months to move forward. I also have a dance card full of people that are great at delivering what I can’t — design, websites, video, and more — and I keep ‘em close.


We're empathetic.

A college boyfriend once told me "I feel too well," and personally, I fail to see why that's a bad thing. My ability to understand how other people are feeling and being able to put myself in someone's shoes has been an incredible asset to my clients — and the customers they want to reach.


We're always two steps ahead.

When you partner with me for a messaging framework, I’m already thinking about how those words will translate to your website. If you hire me to write a blog series, I’m usually daydreaming about all the nuggets you’ll be able to use for social media.


I’m Mel.

Is being who I am really a value? I think it is. I’m a perpetual idea-generator, “Ooh, this would be great for LinkedIn!” sharer, and I sometimes use rap lyrics to get my point across. I am who I am. I’m a dynamo who want my clients to succeed. I’m proud of the moves you make, and excited when I get to be a part of them.

You Want to See What We Can Do?

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